Luxury Car Brands

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is competing for the number one brand German luxury cars. The company name means ¨ listen¨ in Latin. The logo represents the merger with three other auto companies at the beginning of its history: a ring per brand. Audi is now part of the group also including Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Volkswagen and Ducati motorcycles.


The Bavarian (B) manufacturer (W)  of engines (M), or BMW in German, founded in 1918 was originally a large aircraft manufacturer. This is the origin of the emblem of the brand with a ¨ spinning propeller on a blue and white backgrounds ¨.


is a German manufacturer of luxury cars, trucks and coaches. The Mercedes-Benz motto is ¨ The best or nothing ¨. It belongs to the group of German  ¨ Big 3¨ with Audi and BMW: the best selling luxury cars in the world. The logo represents the three modes of transportation: land, sea and air. Mercedes-Benz offers more powerful vehicles with its AMG series and city cars with the smart.


is the luxury division of automaker Honda. Acura holds the title of being the first luxury brand of the Japanese automotive industry.


is the luxury vehicle division of Nissan. In Japan, it is sold under the Infiniti range of vehicles: Nissan Infiniti. Outside of Japan, Infiniti is a separate brand to compete with all other luxury brands.

Like its two Japanese competing brands, Lexus was introduced to the market in the late 80s by Toyota. Lexus has become the best-selling Japanese luxury brand. In 2005, Lexus has created a separate division in Japan and at the same time it became the first Japanese manufacturer to create a separate luxury brand for its network as they have done elsewhere in the world. The name Lexus is a derivative of Alexis modified to lexis to lexus … to avoid being associated with  Alexis in ¨Dynasty ¨, then followed by a very large number of Americans.

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first began by manufacturing motorcycle sidecars. This car manufacturer from England was owned by Ford for a while  and is now the property of Tata Motors, the largest automobile manufacturer in India which also owns Land Rover.


is an English manufacturer of luxury cars now owned by Tata Motors and associated with Jaguar. This is the second oldest brand of four wheel drive, Jeep being the first. Land Rover offers a range of five vehicles, all off-road vehicles or sport utility vehicles and no passenger car.


Founded in Austria in 1931, Porsche is now synonymous with luxury performance cars. The Group, which owns Porsche, Volkswagen also owns Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Ducati motorcycles.


is the luxury brand of GM. Cadillac is the second oldest automotive brand after Buick. The founder of Cadillac used the name Maumet Antoine de la Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac to create the name of the company. Sieur de Cadillac was a French explorer and politician of New France who founded Fort Pontchartrain of Detroit, the beginning of the city of Detroit. Cadillac has quickly gained the reputation as the premier American luxury brand.


is the luxury vehicle division of Ford. Lincoln was founded by the same manager who founded Cadillac following its sale to GM. The company name was inspired by Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln first source of income was assembling Liberty aircraft engines with cylinders supplied by Ford. It will be purchased by Ford thereafter. Lincoln and Cadillac are both luxury brands manufactured by American original companies.


Originally Swedish and temporarily held by Ford, Volvo is now owned by Geely, an automobile, motorcycles, engines and transmissions Chinese manufacturer. Since its founding in 1927, the leaders determined that “Cars carry and are driven by people. The basic principle behind all our engineering work is and therefore must always be safety.”  Volvo is the Latin word for ¨I roll¨ .


is an automobile company based in California which develops, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and powertrain components for electric vehicles. Tesla has quickly gained a great reputation by producing the first all-electric sports car.